Estate/Garage/Yard/Rummage Sales and Flea Markets

A permit is required to hold estate sales, yard/garage sales, rummage sales and flea markets in Wellesley. Permits are issued for up to two consecutive days.

Permit fees and conditions are:

  • $5 fee for first garage/yard sale and $25 for each sale thereafter in the same calendar year.
  • $15 fee for rummage sales or flea markets.
  • $20 fee for estate sales.
  • All material available for sale shall be from the premises where the sale takes place.
  • No sign or sale advertising shall be placed in within any street right-of-way, including free-standing signs. Signs may NOT be affixed to street signs, or to any traffic, regulatory or warning signs or utility poles within the right of way. Signs or sale advertising may NOT be placed on any public trees.
  • Signs may be displayed for no more than five (5) days.
  • No individuals engaged in the garage sale business can participate in a garage sale in any way, either directly or indirectly, unless they are holding the sale on their own private property.
  • No material from outside sources can be sold at a garage sale.