Park and Tree Division

Beebe Meadow - Arbor Day 2016

The Park and Tree Division is responsible for the care and upkeep of all of the Town's parkland, conservation land and other open spaces. It maintains all of the Town's athletic fields and active and passive recreation areas. It also maintains all Town-owned trees.

The Tree Management program preserves and maintains 7,000 shade trees for the enjoyment of the public and the enhancement of Wellesley’s environment. Routine maintenance is conducted to provide adequate pruning to all of these trees. The care includes: vandalism repairs as needed, storm damage repairs, pest control, poison ivy and other herbicide treatments in accordance with Town and State regulations, tree planting and watering, and management of new trees for one or two years, tree and stump removals as necessary, and other tree care according to need.

In addition, clearance requirements are maintained for streets and sidewalks where visibility and safety problems exist on Town-owned land.