Board of Directors

FY18  Board Photo

Pictured above from left to right: Barbara Offenhartz, Kathleen Vogel, Diane Campbell, Jacqueline Mahoney, Thomas Kealy, Frank Pinto, Penelope Lawrence, Dianne Sullivan, William Murphy. Not pictured: Anne Marie Gross, Lisa Heyison, Miguel Lessing, Sheila Nugent. 

Name  Title
Diane Campbell Chair
Kathleen Vogel Vice-Chair
Thomas Kealy Treasurer
Ann Marie Gross Member
Lisa Heyison Member
Penelope Lawrence Member
Miguel Lessing Member
Jacqueline Mahoney Member
Barbara Offenhartz Member
Frank Pinto Member
Dianne Sullivan Member
William Murphy Associate Member
Sheila Nugent Associate Member
John Schuler Member Emeritus
Joellen Toussaint Member Emeritus
Stanley Hodges Member Emeritus
Eleanor Sullivan Member Emeritus
Mary Esther (Billie) Tolles Member Emeritus