Step Up! Campaign

The Town of Wellesley Department of Public Works Recycling and Disposal Facility (RDF) is starting an awareness and education campaign called Step Up! Step Up! is a multi-year initiative, focused on increasing recycling in Wellesley. The goal of the program is to increase the residential recycling rate by one percentage point each year to 35% through fiscal year 2009.

The premise of the Step Up! program is that everyone can "Step Up!" their recycling efforts. For example, if you are not recycling, you can start with paper. If you are recycling, you can look for additional products that you can divert from the waste stream, compost at home, or become involved with community education and outreach programs.

Your continued feedback is crucial as we implement this program. If you have comments or suggestions on any other component of the Step Up! program, please email us at or call the RDF at (781) 235-7600, x3345.

Keep your eyes open for recycling information - and please, take a "Step Up!"