LED Streetlight Map

The WMLP is moving forward with the retrofit of between 2,850 and 3,100 streetlights with Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures.  The streetlight retrofit will eliminate 930,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year.  This reduction is the equivalent of taking 148 regular-sized passenger vehicles off the road.  In addition to the environmental benefits, Wellesley taxpayers will save as much as $125,000 annually beginning in Fiscal Year 2019.

The WMLP has estimated the cost of the retrofit to be $900,000 for all 3,100 streetlights. A grant of $281,000 from the MA Department of Energy Resources will partially fund these costs along with the Board of Selectmen’s $105,000 contribution.  The Municipal Light Board has approved the funding for the remaining $514,000 from the WMLP’s available cash.

Since the “white light” from the LED fixtures could provide a noticeable difference from the existing “yellow light” the WMLP installed pilot LED streetlights on Croton and Pine Streets. Surveys were mailed to all residents requesting feedback on the color, brightness and area illuminated. Survey results showed that the LED fixtures were preferred over the current streetlights.  Residents also expressed a preference for the 2700 kelvin streetlights making Wellesley the first town or city in Massachusetts to install these LED fixtures.  The more heavily traveled roads like Route 9 and Great Plain Avenue will be retrofitted with 3000 kelvin fixtures.  If all goes as planned the retrofit will be completed by the end of May 2018. 

Given the impact streetlights have on the community, the MLP sought feedback from the residents and police; you can view the survey results here.

For more information about the LED conversion project you can contact:

Kevin Bracken, Line Supervisor, MLP

Below is a map of the LED streetlight conversion progress. Green indicates a streetlight that has been converted to LED and red indicates a light that has yet to be converted.