Design Guidelines RFP

Request for Proposals: Consultant Services for Development of Design Guidelines (pdf)

Ten (10) copies of the proposals and one digital copy on CD or flash drive are required, to be delivered on or before 3PM on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 to:

Jeanette Rebecchi, Planning Department
Town Hall, Ground Floor
525 Washington Street
Wellesley, MA 02482

The Town's coordinator responsible for coordinating actions and for responding to all questions will be Jeanette Rebecchi. Her contact information is as follows:

Jeanette Rebecchi, Planner
(T) 781-431-1019 x2237

No questions regarding this RFP will be answered over the phone. Any questions regarding this RFP should be emailed to Jeanette Rebecchi before 4:30pm on Friday, February 23, 2018. Any submitted questions and responses will be posted on this webpage as questions are received, and prior to the RFP due date.

Question 1 
We are reviewing the RFP issued for the Design Guidelines in Wellesley and were hoping to get additional information regarding the Town’s expectation for the final product. Specifically, is the Town anticipating the final product to be essentially an update in the general style of the existing Design Guidelines Handbook or is the expectation to expand and update the Design Guidelines Handbook in the style of, for example, the Westborough, MA design guidelines, which details specific architectural features and designs, as opposed to including more general architectural examples of “do’s and don’ts”. 
Response: The Town would anticipate the new Guide would generally be more visual/illustrative. However, the style and content of the Design Guidelines would primarily be dictated by what is uncovered during the development phase (RFP Section 3.1). It is also worth calling attention to RFP Section 3.2. The Town is requesting both (advisory) design guidelines, and recommendations for (codified) design standards. (posted 1/24/2018 @ 12:02PM)

Question 2
May the proposal for Design Guidelines response combine the scopes for Historic Preservation and the general Design Guidelines (for new construction)?
Response: Consultants can certainly submit responses to both proposals. However, the RFPs are overseen by two separate bodies (Design Review Board and Historic District Commission). If the same consultant is selected for both projects, two separate stand-alone documents will have to be produced. (posted 2/12/2018 @ 1:40PM)

Question 3
Both RFP's look for recommendations for regulatory changes based on the Guidelines. However, the scope of work does do not actually ask for the specific language to be incorporated into the By-Laws and the process by which that is accomplished. Is this correct?
Response: It is our expectation that the selected consultant would develop a list of recommended By-Law changes without drafting the specific regulatory language. (posted 2/12/2018 @ 1:40PM)