Wellesley Town Offices
Engineering Division
Contact TypeContact Information
David J. Hickey, Town Engineer
Douglas R. Stewart, Assistant Town Engineer
20 Municipal Way 
Wellesley ,MA 02481 
781-235-7600 x3315
Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
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The Engineering Division provides the Town of Wellesley with professional engineering, landscape architecture and technical services required to plan, coordinate, develop, design, construct, operate, and maintain Town facilities and infrastructure. Tasks involve deed information, computer-aided design and drafting, Geographic Information System (GIS) implementaion, surveying, inspection of construction projects, and landscape design and planning. Engineering Division responsibilities include the following five programs:

Planning & Design
Survey & Inspection
Town Plans & Records
Street Occupancy Permits
Stormwater Management

Planning & Design

The Engineering Division develops and reviews studies, designs, plans, and specifications for Town projects. Planning and Design activities include:
  • Designing and preparing plans for proposed construction, maintenance and landscape projects
  • Reviewing plans for conformance to Town standards
  • Preparing specifications, estimates of quantities and cost estimates
  • Coordinating and preparing reports to governmental agencies to fulfill regulatory requirements
  • Reviewing subdivision and land survey plans from engineers
  • Developing easement plans for footways, roadways and utility installations
Survey & Inspection

The Engineering Division performs surveys and provides contract administration and inspection of construction for DPW projects. The Engineering Division is responsible for ensuring compliance with approved plans and specifications and conformance to applicable design standards, bylaws, special acts, Massachusetts General Laws, and standard engineering practices.

Survey and Inspection activities include conducting field surveys and project management for:
  • DPW maintenance projects
  • Sidewalk and driveway apron construction
  • Drainage installations
  • Water and sewer line location and construction
  • Parking lot and road surveys
  • Subdivision construction
  • DPW construction contracts
  • Traffic counts and surveys
Town Plans & Records

The Engineering Division maintains the following Town plans, files and records for the coordination of Town projects.

  • Town plans (80 and 40 scale)
  • Aerial photographs
  • Construction and easement plans
  • As-built drawings
  • Street acceptance plans
  • Zoning maps and 105mm preservation file of 3,500 pertinent land plans
  • Public utility connection information
  • Deed file
  • Plot plan file
  • Photograph and contract file
  • Traffic counts
  • Capital improvement contracts (progress payments)
  • State and local permits
  • Federal and state grant records relating to water and sewer construction, solid waste and recycling programs
Sewer Plans
The Engineering Division maintains maps and plans of the Town's sanitary sewer system. These maps indicate whether or not a particular location is connected to town sewer. These maps also indicate whether or not there is a sewer available in the street for connection, if desired.

Plot Plans
A plot plan is a plan of a particular lot or property. Plot plans indicate the dimensions and area of a lot. The plot plans available at the Engineering Division office are not certified plot plans and cannot be used for mortgage plans. The plot plans provided are typically 8 1/2" x 11" copies of the Assessor's Plans, also known as the Town Atlas.

Accepted and Unaccepted Ways (Public Ways and Private Ways)
The Engineering Division maintains records and plans of street acceptance. If a street or road (referred to as a way) has been accepted by Town Meeting, then it is a "public way." Otherwise, it is a "private way." Engineering Division records indicate whether a particular way was accepted, when it was accepted, its length, and the location of the street acceptance recording at the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds (Book # and Page #).

Street Occupancy Permits

Permits for street occupancy and excavations are typically issued from the beginning of April through early November. See answers to Street Occupancy Permit Questions.