Additional Insurances

Listed below is a summary of all the optional insurances that the Town of Wellesley offers to its benefit eligible employees.  

The Town gives its benefit eligible employees an allowance to spend on additional insurances.  Included in those additional insurances are the Aflac products, Dental, EyeMed and Life Insurance*. The allotment amount given will depend on the benefits the benefit eligible employee selects.  Benefit eligible employees may spend more than the allotment amounts given below depending on the optional insurances chosen.  

Benefit SelectedBenefit allowance to spend on optional insurance
Benefit eligible not taking health insurance$300.00
Individual health insurance selected$500.00
Family health insurance selected$600.00
Altus Dental
*Life Insurance - open to new hires and newly benefit eligible employees only
Optional Life, up to $150,000 guaranteed
Basic Life Insurance

Grandfathered Life Insurance