Contact Town Meeting Members 

The Town Meeting Member Forum is a Google Group established to facilitate communications between Town Meeting Members and the general public regarding issues coming before Town Meetings. Participation by Town Meeting Members is encouraged, however, it is at the discretion of each Town Meeting Member and the public to decide whether or not to join the group and how much to participate.

Please note that not all Town Meeting Members participate in the Google Group.  A complete list of Town Meeting Members' contact information is available here.

Joining the Group

The easiest way to participate in the Town Meeting Member forum is to join the Group with a free Google account. If you’re a Gmail user, you already have a Google account! If you’re not already a Gmail user, you can still create a free Google account without changing your email address at Once you have signed into a Google account, click the blue “Join group to post” button in the forum below and you will receive a confirmation email.

While you don’t need to be a member of the Group to post to the forum, or search through what others have posted, joining the Group is the only way to ensure that replies to your post will be delivered to your Inbox.

Make a New Post

To post to the group, simply send an email to If you’re signed into your Google account, you can also click the red “New Topic” button in the web forum below. Please note that the maximum size of a post, including attachments, is 10MB and that all posts are a public record. 

Posts and replies will be sent to all members of the Group, but as a member, you can change your email delivery options at any time. Simply sign into Google Groups at, click on “My Groups”, and change your preferences to receive every new message, combined updates (25 messages per email), or daily summaries.

Leaving the Group

To unsubscribe to the Group, simply send an email to You can also leave the group from your “My Groups” menu at