Current Wildlife and/or Pet concern

This is the time critters are looking for den sites to raise the young that will be born soon.  Be sure the cap on the chimney is secure and checked yearly.  That any openings along eaves, broken window in sheds/garages are secured.  Wildlife will take advantage of these to gain access to warm, dry nesting areas.

I am already getting reports from people hearing noises in their attic or chimney.  Since the babies are born it is important to make sure mom and kids are evicted before sealing the access routes.  There are things people can do to ask mom to move the kids - lights on in attic,  loud radio during the day when they are trying to sleep.  Odor deterrents near entrance, but do not use mothballs outside as they leach poison into the ground.  

Mass. Fisheries and Wildlife has info on problem wildlife issues as well as the Univ. of Nebraska has a good website on solving wildlife conflicts.  Some of their methods are not allowed in Mass. - We don't have the environment to legally discharge a firearm, the use of certain types of traps are restricted and moving the problem animal is illegal.  Also removing the animal only leaves the territory open for relatives to move in, so fix the access routes into the home before relatives show up.

Leave wildlife alone and report any that seem sick or in distress to animal control.   If you keep an eye on its movements from a safe distance we can evaluate it and remove any sick ones before they have a close encounter with pets or people.