What are the building deficiencies that impact the delivery of education at the HHU schools?

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Problems at the three schools include:

  • Heating systems, plumbing systems (including bathrooms), electrical systems, life safety/fire alarm systems, and windows beyond their useful life, resulting in frequent repairs, uneven heating and the greater threat of shutdown;
  • Exterior envelopes (facades) in need of significant repairs;
  • No sprinkler systems and combustible roof framing at Hardy and Upham;
  • Lack of compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA);
  • Modular classrooms being used well beyond their service life;
  • Undersized classrooms not conducive to learning, with outdated finishes, cabinetry,
  • lighting, doors and acoustical treatments;
  • Lack of specialized spaces for delivery of services;
  • One space used for gym, cafeteria and auditorium (the “cafe-gym-atorium”), which
  • reduces time available for physical education classes and results in significant
  • inefficiencies due to setup and changeover of the shared space;
  • Inadequate storage space;
  • Need to use hallways for storage and for one-on-one teaching space;
  • Lack of properly sized, secured and air-conditioned IT/Data rooms; and
  • Significant seismic and structural strengthening required for any major renovation.

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