Educational Program

The fundamental driver of both elementary school projects will be the educational programming needs of the Town's K-5 students. 

For the Hunnewell study, SMMA has led a visioning and program development process involving more than 70 people, including educators (both from Hunnewell and throughout the district), administrators, members of the School Committee and the SBC, and community members. 

In addition, educators and members of the SBC and School Committee have toured recently built schools in Newton, Lincoln, Andover, and Weston and provided feedback to the architects about various attributes of the four buildings.

The following have been identified as priorities for Hunnewell:

• Creating “learning neighborhoods” of grade-level classrooms clustered together, with additional        spaces for specialists to provide various services, as well as room for project-based learning activities.

• Indoor/outdoor connectivity – Allowing for experiential and exploratory learning, taking advantage of the proximity to the Cold Spring Brook and the Fuller Brook bordering the site.

• Safety and security – A school that provides a welcoming environment but includes all necessary safety and security measures.

• Sustainability – A building that reflects the Town’s commitment to sustainability, with efficient systems and the ability to support “green” curriculum opportunities for students.

• Community use and access – The new school should provide opportunities for community programs to have access to the cafeteria and gymnasium spaces after school hours.

• Compact design – The curriculum calls for minimizing transitions for students and a floor plan that is efficient.

See the Hunnewell Elementary School Educational Program (approved by School Committee - 3/12/2019)