Wellesley Park 40R District

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The Wellesley Park 40R District is a proposed redevelopment project of Wellesley Office Park (20-100 Williams Street). The proposal was presented to the Town by the current owners of the property, John Hancock Real Estate. Redevelopment of the property, which currently consists entirely of office buildings, would include the replacement of much of the existing office uses with a variety of uses, likely to include housing, retail, and other amenities. To allow for the proposed redevelopment, John Hancock Real Estate has proposed the establishment of a 40R District; a zoning tool that allows property within the overlay zoning district to be developed with a mix of uses provided that a minimum quantity of affordable housing is provided as part of that redevelopment. The Board of Selectmen and Planning Board have expressed their support of this initiative, and an Application for a Determination of Preliminary Eligibility has been filed with the Department of Housing and Community Development. Should DHCD grant the Determination of Preliminary Eligibility, the Select Board and/or Planning Board would present the rezoning proposal to Town Meeting for adoption.

Select Board Public Hearing Materials - Original 40R

The Select Board held a Public Hearing on the proposed 40R District. Below are some materials that were distributed at the Public Hearing

Advisory Committee Meeting - November 2018

Studies and Reports from the Developer

App. for Determination of Prelim. Eligibility