Bring Your Own Charger Program

Level Your Load - Charge Off-Peak

Did you know charging your car weekdays between 5 and 9 PM can cost WMLP ten times more for the energy used?  Carbon emissions from the electricity supplied is also significantly greater.

By signing up for WMLP's Bring Your Own Charger (BYOC) program you can:

  • Earn  up to $350 off a new charger
  • Schedule off-peak charging
  • Earn $$ off your monthly utility bill
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Lower the cost of electricity

worst time to charge

The Bring Your Own Charger® Program rewards your participation with up to 250 miles of free driving each month—or up to 3,000 miles per year—per charging head/vehicle.

To enroll, visit Bring Your Own Charger  If you have additional questions before you begin, view the FAQ here. You can also contact us at 781-303-4994 or

Program Rules 

  • Participants must program their electric vehicle or home smart charger to start charging after 10 PM and end charging by 12 noon, Monday through Friday. Charging is open 24 hours a day on weekends.

  • Participants agree to release their electric meter or electric vehicle charger data, where available, for the purposes of the program.

  • Participants will earn $8 per month in the form of a bill credit.

    To complete this application you will need: 

    Your WMLP account number from your utility bill.

    Your vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the serial number of your home charger (if you use a ChargePoint or eMotorWerks charger).

    A picture of your vehicle's / smart charger charging schedule.
    You may complete the application on your smartphone and take a photo as you complete the form.