Sprague Field Tennis Court Replacement

Update: March 12, 2020

Green Acres Landscape & Construction has substantially completed the installation of the four replacement tennis courts located at Sprague Field. All paving work, black vinyl coated chain link fencing, tennis posts and nets and landscaping work has been completed. The tennis courts have been striped with temporary white painted court lines so the courts can now be used. Work to be accomplished in the Springtime will include over-seeding lawn areas, where required, and installation of a windscreen on the chain link fence section that separates the tennis court areas.  The final color coating surface system for the tennis courts will be accomplished in June or July, when weather permits and after school is out of session. 

Sprague Tennis Line Painting.110419Sprague Tennis Nets.110719
Temporary striping on Sprague tennis courts. 
Completed tennis courts with nets, fencing and landscaping.

Update: September 24, 2019

Green Acres Landscape & Construction has completed the demolition of the old tennis courts and also completed the storm drainage site improvements work for the project. The overall site has been rough graded, the binder pavement course for the new tennis courts has been installed and fence posts for the new black vinyl coated chain link fence have been set. Remaining work items and schedule (subject to weather) are as follows:

  • September 26: Top pavement course for the tennis courts and new walkways. Please note that because of the paving equipment will need the majority of the project site for the day, that the access way from Highland Avenue to Sprague Field will be closed off to pedestrians and that signs will be posted at both ends of the walkway advising of the closure of the path for the day. Also, access from the Calvin Road Parking Lot to the tennis courts area will be limited during this day.-
  • September 27-30: Installation of the new chain link fence fabric around the tennis courts.
  • Week of September 30: Planting of trees, hydroseeding and landscaping work.
  • Week of October 14: Surface coatings to be applied to tennis courts (weather permitting).
  • November 18: Contract completion date.
Overall, the contractor is slightly ahead of the project schedule.
Figure 1 - Demolition existing tennis courts

Pre-Construction Update:

Tennis court replacement work on the four tennis courts located at Sprague Field is expected to begin on the week of August 19th, with work hours from 7:00AM to 4:00PM. The tennis courts will remain closed and inaccessible during the project construction. The project will involve the complete removal and replacement of the four tennis courts, including fencing, tennis court nets and associated signage.  The project Contractor is Green Acres Landscape, and the work is scheduled to completed by November 15, 2019. 

The project area around the tennis courts will be fenced in with 6’ high temporary construction fencing.  Access to the site by the contractor will be via the paved access road from the Calvin Road parking lot area.  A portion of the paved path from Highland Road to Sprague Fields is within the project limits and will be closed for the majority of the project duration.  Signage to keep out will be posted on the construction fencing, and signage near Highland Road will advise that the access is closed during the project construction.  

The Department of Public Works will continue to provide periodic updates to this project. It is our intent to minimize the disruption of your normal routines as best we can. If you have any questions, at any time during the duration of the project, feel free to call the DPW Engineering Division at 781-235-7600, extension 3315.