Water Meter Upgrade Program

How you can help

If you are contacted by the Town of Wellesley Water and Sewer Division via phone or letter please contact us back. We will only reach out if you if we still need to change your meter and reading device or if there is an issue getting a read from your meter. 

Baystate Winsupply was hired to change out a majority of the meters in Town from December 2019-May 2022. The Town of Wellesley Water and Sewer employees will be completing the remainder of the installations. We are trying to conclude this project and we need your help to reach 100% completion. If you receive a call or letter requesting an appointment to be made to change your meter please call the Water and Sewer Division at 781-235-7600 ext. 3355.  

Project Specifics

In a continuing effort to improve Advanced Metering Infrastructure Diagramwater service to our customers, the Wellesley Water Division is implementing a Town-wide upgrade to our water metering system. Beginning in December 2019 and continuing through until all meters in Town have been changed, the Water Division is replacing the old water meter system with a modernized Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system that will improve our ability to measure water usage, detect leaks, and better answer questions about water usage.

The old system required someone with a meter reading device to drive by your home to receive data from your water meter. The new meters will transmit water data directly to the Water Division automatically on a daily basis. The new system will also provide our customers with the ability to review their water usage and set up alerts for unusually high water consumption using the Customer Portal .

Approximately 13,000 meters will be replaced or retrofitted during this project. The upgrade includes the installation of new water meters and transmitting devices at your home or business. The installation is necessary and will be performed at no additional charge to you.

Appointment Process

  • Appointments for meter replacement are available at set times, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Some Saturday appointments can be made upon request. 
  • Most appointments will take approximately 30 minutes. 
  • The installer must enter the home/business to complete the installation as water meters are mostly located in the basement. 
  • The meter must be accessible to the installer and the working space around the meter should be cleared prior to the appointment for the work to be completed.