Planning Board Applications Under Review

This page provides information on applications to be reviewed by the Planning Board. Please Contact the Planning Department with any questions or for more information.

Large House Reviews

Large House Review was adopted by the Town to provide pre-construction and post-construction review of single family dwellings which meet the applicability standards set forth in Section 16D of the Zoning Bylaw.


LHR-21-09:  105 ALBION ROAD

LHR-21-07: 41 CHESTNUT STREET - 9/13/21 PB MEETING  - 9/20/21 PB MEETING


LHR-21-06:  78 ARNOLD ROAD - 8/2/21 PB MEETING - Approved



LHR-21-01:  31 Elm Street - Approved

LHR-21-02:  206 Winding River Road - Approved

LHR-21-03:  128 Cliff Road - Approved

LHR-21-04:  62 Hampshire Road - Waiver - Approved

LHR-11-01:  60 Royalston Road - Major Modification - Approved

64 Halsey Avenue - APPROVED

35 Rice Street - APPROVED

21 Windsor Road - APPROVED

15 Mayo Road - APRROVED

35 Carisbrooke Road - APPROVED February 4, 2021

Projects of Significant Impact

Outlined in Section 16A of the Zoning Bylaw, Projects of Significant Impact (PSIs) require a special permit issued by the Planning Board.

148 Weston Road - Wellesley Park

2021 - PSI Revisions

SPECIAL PERMIT granted August 19, 2020; filed on August 31, 2020; Appeal Period through September 21, 2020

Delanson Circle - Wellesley Square Residences

SPECIAL PERMIT granted November 2, 2020; filed on December 3, 2020; Appeal Period through January 2, 2021

Hunnewell School

2021 Revisions

SPECIAL PERMIT granted January 4, 2021; Filed on January 12, 2021; Appeal Period through February 1, 2021

Residential Incentive Overlays

Outlined in Section 14F of the Zoning Bylaw, Residential Incentive Overlays (RIOs) provide a residential reuse incentive for a parcel or parcels greater than one acre located in close proximity to the Town’s commercial districts and public transportation.

148 Weston Road - Wellesley Park  - The Bristol

Delanson Circle - Wellesley Square Residences

Lower Falls Village Commercial District

Outlined in Section 9B of the Zoning Bylaw, To establish a commercial zoning district for Lower Falls that allows for commercial reinvestment and improvements, while protecting the quality of the immediately surrounding residential neighborhoods.

29-35 Washington Street

Review of Adequacy

Outlined in Section 19 of the Zoning Bylaw, "Certification of the adequacy of a way by the Planning Board shall be required prior to the issuance of a building permit for: Construction of a new one or two-family dwelling; Reconstruction of a one or two-family dwelling in conjunction with removal of 50% or more of the existing building coverage (footprint); or Addition to a one or two-family dwelling where total building coverage (footprint) would be increased by 50% or more.

ROA - 26 Lantern Lane - Monday, July 19, 2021

Scenic Roads

34 Cartwright Road

Subdivision &/or Approval Not Required

PBC-21-02 - 100 Linden Street

PBC-21-03 - 32 Lantern Lane

PBC-21-04 - 24 & 30 MAYO ROAD - 8/30/21 PB Meeting