Family Activities

 "Quarantine Quest"

 Recreation ProgramsThe Recreation Department and Wellesley Youth Commission have teamed up to provide daily activities for youth and their families as well as adults quarantined in their homes.  See all the details on the Recreation Department website

Here’s a peek at the offerings:

The two departments are also engaging youth in town to develop activities for families to do together for such as sidewalk art contests, scavenger hunts and riddles.  These activities may be done at home or driving in a car all with the goal of connecting residents from a safe physical distance.

And Recreation instructors are bringing their knowledge online to offer virtual classes to residents, some will be free while others can be accessed for a fee.

iNaturalist Exploration  NRC Logo

A friendly outdoor competition from the Natural Resources Commission and the Wellesley Conservation Council to encourge families to find the most species in Town and identify them with the iNaturalist app.