Codes and Applications

Building Code

All building and construction activity in the Commonwealth is regulated by the MA State Building Code (780 CMR). Most, but not all construction projects will require a building permit, which are issued by the Inspectors in the Town’s Building Department. For new construction, review of a permit application generally takes ten (10) to fourteen (14) days. Reviews for other project types may be shorter. 

Plumbing / Gas

All plumbing and gas work in the Commonwealth is regulated by the Uniform State Plumbing Code (248 CMR 10.00). Permits for plumbing and gas fitting may be issued to licensed individuals only by the Plumbing & Gas Inspector in the Town’s Building Department.


The MA Electrical Code (527 CMR 12.00), issued by the Board of Fire Prevention Regulations, consists of the 2017 National Electric Code, plus certain amendments. Electrical permits are issued by the Electrical Inspector in the Town’s Building Department.

Sheet Metal

Rules and regulations governing sheet metal workers in the Commonwealth are established in 271 CMR 2.00-9.00 by the Board of Examiners of Sheet Metal Workers. Permits for sheet metal work are issued by Inspectors in the Town’s Building Department


The Town of Wellesley adopted the MA Stretch Energy Code in 2011. This code consists of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) 2009, plus certain amendments in 780 CMR 115.AA. The purpose of this code is to provide a more energy efficient alternative to the base energy code for new and existing buildings. This code applies to new residential buildings, renovations of or additions to existing residential buildings, new commercial buildings, and additions to existing commercial buildings.