Enhanced Cleaning Efforts in Wellesley

Learn more about enhanced cleaning efforts used in Wellesley Municipal Buildings and Schools. Listen to this WBUR story from March 17, 2020.

Custodial Care Guide

Custodial Video

The Facilities Management Department's (FMD) Custodial Manager Mike Santangelo and Facility Supervisor worked with Julie Spilka, the High School’s Video Production teacher, to produce a short 21 minute video which shows how the custodial staff at the High School maintains the school. While much FMD focus and attention is on capital projects, energy conservation and maintenance, custodial care of all schools is also of paramount concern. FMD’s more than 50 custodians are first-responders and the face of the FMD. We thought that showing how the largest building in Town is maintained it will give you a good sense of the wide range of responsibilities that all of our custodians have.

Tasks Shown

Many of the tasks you’ll see being performed in the video are also done at other schools and municipal buildings. These results could not be achieved without:

  • Hiring good people
  • Having the right equipment and “Green cleaning” supplies
  • Providing appropriate training/professional development
  • Solid management and oversight

Team Cleaning

The “team cleaning” concept we use at the high school was developed before the new school even opened, and is also used at the Middle School. This approach allows us to engage the administration, faculty and students in developing the program.

We’re very proud of our custodial staff and we hope after seeing this video you will be too.