October 2022

Special Town Meeting Information

Special Town Meeting was held on October 24, 2022 and dissolved at 10:10 PM.

ArticleTitle/SubjectProponentActionsTown Meeting Vote

Remote on ZoomSelect BoardYES190/2/0
1Choose Moderator & Receive Reports Select BoardNo Motion---
2Town Hall Interior Renovation Project Funding
Advisory Discussion (video)
Select Board Presentation (slides)
Advisory Presentation (video)
Select Board Funding Discussion & Vote (video)
Advisory Recommendation
- Town Hall Interior tour (video)
Select Board/PBCYES191/13/3
3FY23 Supplemental Budgets: Workers Compensation & Risk Management
- Select Board Presentation (slides)    
- Advisory Presentation (video)
Advisory Recommendation

Select BoardMotion 1 YES
Motion 2 YES

4Appropriate Water/Sewer Funds at Wellesley Office Park (40R) per Development Agreement
- Select Board Presentation (slides)    
Advisory Presentation (video)
- Advisory Recommendation
Background Information 

Select BoardYES202/0/0
5Establish Stormwater Utility Enterprise Fund
No Motion - Hold for Annual Town Meeting

DPWNo Motion---
6Accept Public Right of Way for Hardy RoadSelect Board/School CommitteeYES142/44/19
7Accept Easement at Williams Street for School Bus Turnaround
Select Board/School CommitteeYES198/3/1
8Rescind or Transfer Debt; Appropriate Premiums
- Select Board  Presentation (slides)    
Advisory Presentation (video)
Advisory Recommendation

Select Board YES206/0/0
9Property Disposal - Equipment Disposal
- Select Board Presentation (slides)
Advisory Presentation (video)
Advisory Recommendation 

Select Board YES200/2/0

DissolutionSelect BoardYES195/0/0

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