Community Ornament Challenge 2022

Join the NRC in creating holiday ornaments to decorate a Holiday Tree for the Elm Bank Festival of trees fundraiser. 

Theme: A Green Community

Directions: Create a holiday ornament that can be hung on a Holiday tree.  

Specifications: The ornament must be made predominantly of found natural materials such as shells, small stones, leaves, twigs, feathers, etc., or from recycled materials. Paint, glitter, bows etc. can be added to enhance the ornament. The ornament should represent the theme of a green community, such as recycling, using less fuel, pollinators, nature, animals, PLANTS, ELECTRIC CARS, DON’T pollute, no pesticides, plant a tree, etc.  

Deadline: Ornament must be delivered to the collection box in NRC Office at 888 Worcester Street suite 160, by Monday October 31st, at 3:00PM. 

Please include a slip of paper with the artists name, age, and email address with the ornament to receive a picture of the finished tree and a thank you note.