Go Solar

Earn Money for Excess Solar Generation

WMLP's Net Metering program pays residential customers full-retail value for excess solar generation.

Solar energy is the most cost-effective way for homes and businesses in Wellesley to lower their energy bills and lock in reliable energy costs from a proven clean energy solution: the sun.  

Ready to investigate solar electricity for your home?

Step 1: (optional) Estimate your property's potential for solar energy production with this tool.

Step 2:  Get competing solar quotes from EnergySage.  

Step 3:  Choose an installer. Your installer must download and complete the WMLP Net Metering / Interconnection Service Agreement. The WMLP ISA, along with the Installer's online diagram, and technical specifications for the inverters, must be submitted to the WMLP.

Federal and State Residential Solar and Battery Storage Incentives

Federal: The NEW Inflation Reduction Act includes a 30% Residential Clean Energy tax credit. This credit is guaranteed for 10 years, and now also includes residential battery storage systems. 

With solar + battery backup you can protect your home from power outages and optimize your use of solar electricity. If you look at solar you might as well look at storage too. Keep those clean green electrons at home ready to deploy if the lights go out!

State: Massachusetts offers numerous tax credits, including a renewable energy income tax credit calculated at 15% of your solar system’s cost. It also offers two key tax exemptions for solar users: a property tax exemption on the added home value from your solar system, and a solar project sales tax exemption on the installation.

Combined with the 30% federal tax credit, the additional incentive for installing a battery with your solar system helps pay for anywhere between half to three-quarters of the cost of the battery! 

Solar in Wellesley

Learn more about the Town of Wellesley's commitment to maximizing solar in town.