Winter Plow Damage

The Town is not responsible for items such as fences, sports equipment, trees, shrubs, irrigation heads, steps, stone work or any other unauthorized item place in the Town`s right of way during winter plowing. Property owners who leave items out in the public way may be held liable for any harm they may cause to traveling public or Town equipment. See Town Bylaw 49.2 below.

49.2. Use of Public Ways and Places. No person shall throw, place or cause to be placed in any public way or public place in the Town, any tree, bush or other planting, or any obstruction, or any garbage, fuel, building material, paper, cards, handbills, leaves, or rubbish of any kind, nor stones or rocks or other objects to act as curbing, except in such place and in such manner as shall be directed by the Select Board and except as hereinafter provided in Section 49.2A.

The Town will not be responsible for any mail box in poor condition, properly placed or installed. When mail box located in the town right of way is damaged by winter plowing and needs replacement, a standard wooden post / with a plastic or metal box will be installed. How owners who place ornamental mail boxes in the Town Right of Way, do so I their own risk.

To help avoid lawn or berm damage along from street and / or sidewalk, please install stakes to help guide plow operators. To report any winter plow damage please call 781-235-7600, Ext 3325 anytime or e-mail  Please note lawn repairs will not start until mid-April weather permitting, with most repairs completed by mid-May.