Voter Registration

The last day to register to vote is 10 days prior to an election.

Register online at the Massachusetts Secretary website with a Massachusetts drivers license or ID number.

In-person: Register in-person at Town Hall.

By drop box: 
Complete the form and return it to Town Hall at 525 Washington Street in the Elections and Payment Drop box (across the driveway from the bell).

Ballot box 2

By Mail: Mail-in registration forms are widely available. See Post Office, school offices, library, or online.
At the Registry of Motor Vehicles:
Keep your motor voter receipt until you receive confirmation from the Town Clerks Office. If you do not receive any confirmation please contact Town Clerk’s Office to verify your voting status.

Online Fillable Form: Complete online fillable registration form, print and mail to:
 525 Washington Street
 Wellesley, MA 02482