Home Energy Assessments

Reducing the energy you consume in your home saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

In 2018 WMLP partnered with National Grid to help Wellesley reach its residential energy efficiency goals. Residents were encouraged to sign up for home energy assessments as part of a Town-wide campaign.  During 2018, 634 audits were completed to exceed the WMLP's goal of 500 assessments.  

See the results of this campaign.


A home energy assessment evaluates a home's energy usage and provides recommendations on numerous ways to improve its efficiency, resulting in reduced energy usage and expense.

At no cost to you, an Energy Specialist will evaluate your entire home, from attic to basement, and will identify where energy improvements can be made. The assessment will most likely result in reducing the amount of energy you use which saves you money. You will learn how to reduce energy costs, improve your home's performance and comfort at no obligation.

Instant savings of no-cost LED light bulbs, water-saving faucet aerators and up to 2 advanced power strips are available to electric, oil and natural gas heated homes. In addition, National Grid offers 75% off insulation improvements, rebates for high-efficiency heating and hot water equipment and 0% financing for eligible improvements are some of the incentives and rebates currently being offered to their customers.

Natural Gas Customers call 855-891-9899. All Other Customers call 888-772-4242.

Building on the pride of being designated the first EPA Green Power Community in Massachusetts for voluntary purchase of renewable energy, Wellesley's residents are seeking to create a better footprint. Energy assessments and the recommended actions are an ideal way of accomplishing that.


Rebates are offered by the WMLP on programmable thermostats, mini-split heat pumps, central air conditioners and other appliances. Visit the Energy Efficiency Rebate page for more information.