Advisory Committee


The committee meets each Wednesday night from late August/early September through the start of Town Meeting. In addition, Advisory members closely follow the proceedings of other Town Boards, necessitating attendance by each member of Advisory at approximately two other meetings each month.

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Name Term Expires
Neal Goins, Chair 2022
Patti Quigley, Vice Chair 2022
Tom Cunningham, Vice Chair 2023
Shawn Baker  2023
Jenn Fallon 2022
John Lanza 2022
Corinne Monahan 2022
Jake Erhard 2023
Jeff Levitan 2023
Doug Smith 2023
Susan Clapham 2024
Alberto Ferrer 2024
Wendy Paul 2024
Pete Pedersen 2024
Madison Riley 2024

Mission Statement

The Advisory Committee consists of fifteen residents, appointed by the Moderator. The term of appointment is three years, and roughly one-third of the membership turns over each year. Membership on the committee reflects a cross section of the Town’s residents.

The Advisory Committee has broad review powers and reporting requirements, which are set out in Article 11 of the Town Bylaws. The Committee functions as the finance committee for the Town, reviewing all requests for annual operating and capital appropriations. It makes recommendations to Town Meeting on all Warrant Articles presented to Town Meeting. These recommendations and background information on each Warrant Article are contained in the Advisory Committees's Report to Town Meeting, a copy of which is mailed to each Town Meeting Member. Additionally, a letter with an overview of the budget and other significant matters coming before Town Meeting is mailed to each household.

Article 11 of the Town Bylaw (PDF) governs the structure and activities of the Advisory Committee.