Morses Pond

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August 26, 2020

The Morses Pond season will be extended to September 13th, 2020. The beach hours and the reservation process will remain the same until September 13, 2020.


How to register for a blanketing area:

Only can book 3 days in advance

Only can make reservations once every other day (7/20/2020) 

"NEW DAY" starts at 7 am

Log in with existing username/password

(we suggest using Google Chrome not Safari)

(new accounts default to Non Resident status and must be verified by Recreation Department, send email to when account is created to alert us)

These reservations are for RESIDENTS ONLY

Click on "Browse Facilities"

Select date for reservation

Click on "Show Search Criteria"

Click on drop down menu "Blocks to Display" and select "5"

Click "Search"

Select your desired blanketing area

Follow prompts to "checkout"

   Please feel free to make a donation at "checkout"


To confirm if you reserved a blanketing area

1)       Log into your account, 

2)       Click"my account," 

3)        Click "receipt re-print."

Wait list for Blanketing Area

Starting June 24,2020 we will have a wait list option for Morses Pond. The wait list is by the day and you can only register for the wait list on that day. If someone is to cancel we will contact, you and let you know we have an opening.

To add yourself to the wait list you need to register with an activity number. Go to:  

Log into your account , click register , browse activities, then activity #852001 into “activity number search”.


CANCELLATIONS: PLEASE NOTIFY US ( , so we can cancel and make your spot available. YOU MUST SEND US A CANCELLATION EMAIL AT A MINIMUM OF TWO (2) hours BEFORE YOUR START TIME. RESIDENTS WHO “NO SHOW” OR CANCEL LESS THAN TWO HOURS BEFORE THEIR START TIME WILL GET A “STRIKE.” TWO STRIKES AND WE WILL LOCK YOUR ACCOUNT FOR ONE WEEK. Continued “NO SHOWS’ could result in loss of reservation privileges. Please be considerate and make spaces available to all residents.

To cancel: