Tennis & Pickleball Court Information

Residents Only 
 may reserve courts and acquire a membership at:  

Recreation Hard Court reservations
 Memberships go on sale Tuesday, April 4 , 2023 at 10 am
 activity #555200 

  • Two Resident membership pricing options
    • Reservations for day play: FREE: Activity # 555200-02
    •  Day reservations begin: April 4, 2023 (day members from 2022 DO NOT have to renew. 2022 Day memberships roll over to 2023)
    • Reservations for day & night play:  $75 tennis night tag:  Activity# 555200-04
    •  Night play & reservations begin May 1, 2023 - November 26, 2023 (night memberships must renew and pay for 2023)

    • After registering for a membership, please allow up to 24 hours for PlayLocal to update their system (weekend registrations allow until end of business on Mondays)
  • All courts that may be reserved
  • Residents who reserve courts who wish to be taught private lessons
    • Provide instructor contact information
    • Ensure that instructor has been approved to offer private lessons on Wellesley Courts
  • Non members can still walk in and play on courts, but MUST vacate courts for PlayLocal reservations

 Court Usage Etiquette & Honor System

  • SINGLES PLAY & DOUBLES PLAY limited to 2 hours per group (reserve in 1hour increments)
  • Groups larger than four (4)  players may not monopolize multiple courts at a given time.  
  • When using the courts, please be respectful of those players who are waiting to use courts.
  • Whenever there are players waiting, all players must vacate courts after playing for 2 hours
  • Winners shall have no prior rights to remain on the courts. 
  • You may reserve times to play tennis and pickleball at Hunnewell or Sprague courts here:
  • PLEASE REMEMBER:  Monopolizing courts and time, which limits playing opportunities for others, is not in the spirit of this sport and facilities. 
Postponed Activities:

 Due to special events or circumstances, the Town of Wellesley reserves the right to postpone activities in or around the Hunnewell Field Complex including the Hunnewell Tennis Courts.
 Night Tennis & Tennis Light Tag Holders:
 Tennis court lights are in operation 7 nights a week from 
May 1, 2023 - November 26, 2023 from 6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. To use the Hunnewell Tennis courts anytime after 6 pm you must purchase a seasonal tennis tag. Revenue from tag sales offsets the cost of the lights.  Please follow and abide by the Hunnewell Tennis Court Rules. 

Turning Court lights ON:
Each set of 4 tennis courts  have a silver push button with a strobe light at the top, by each entrance.  When players arrive, they need to push that button and then the lights stay on for 1 hour, with 5 minutes left in the first hour, the strobe light will flash, indicating 5 minutes left in the hour.  Players will then need to go back and push the silver button for another hour.  This system was installed  to conserve energy, during inclement weather days.  There is signage at each button with directions.

 Important Information:
 Tennis Night Tags are available by calling the Recreation Office, Monday - Friday from 8:30 to 4:00 pm. If you are an online user of Wellesley Recreation, tennis tags may be purchased online. You may use a copy of your online receipt until you receive your tags. Tags will NOT be mailed. You must schedule a time to pick up your tag from the Recreation Office. 
 Tennis tags go on sale via the web and phone in early April each year. 
 For online registration, look for activity #555200 

 Tennis  Night Tag Pricing
Resident $75

 Tag Holders:
 In an attempt to make sure paying tag holders are able to use tennis courts at night, every tag holder will receive a "neon yellow" colored lanyard along with their tennis tag. When you arrive to the Hunnewell Tennis courts and find an open court, please take your lanyard/tag and loop the lanyard/tag around the Washington Street side fence closest to your desired court. This will show that you are a paying Tennis Tag holder and that you are using that respective court. 
 We hope this  procedure will show who the paying Tennis Tag holders are without having to be confrontational to someone who is not. A Recreation Department employee will periodically check to ensure night time players have purchased a Night Time Tennis Tag. Please limit the number of balls used on your court. Please be respectful and refrain from using a ball hopper during peak times.
 Night time tennis requires a tag. After 6 p.m. you must have a tennis tag issued by the Recreation Department. Purchase of Tennis Tags pays for the cost of operating the lights. We are always looking for feedback regarding this program, so please feel free to contact at your convenience.
 Private Lessons:
No private lessons are to be taught (without the authorization of the Recreation Department.). Refer to Use of Public Facilities for Private Gain policy. Public Facility Use for Private Gain Policy

Pickleball Court Information and Locations:

 Currently, there are no dedicated pickleball courts in the Town of Wellesley. Pickleball court lines have been added to select tennis and basketball courts in town. Pickleball players may need to  bring their own nets to the various locations (some courts have portable nets).

 Pickleball Court Locations:

 If you are interested in playing indoor pickleball or pickleball lessons: please contact the Recreation Department at (781) 235-2370 or email at
Drop in Pickleball is also offered at the Recreation Department Warren Building