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    Transportation Working Group


    The Transportation Working Group is exploring opportunities for cutting transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. 
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    Leading by Example Award 
    On December 6, representatives of Wellesley's Sustainable Energy Committee, and Public Works and Health Departments accepted a Leading by Example Award at the State House recognizing town-wide accomplishments  in energy conservation, renewable energy and sustainability. 

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    Open Seat on the SEC
    The SEC is seeking a new member who will be appointed by the Board of Selectmen to complete a term that ends on June 30, 2020. 


The Sustainable Energy Committee (SEC) develops and implements initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Wellesley's municipal, residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. 

Town Meeting established the SEC in 2010 to lead efforts to accomplish the goal adopted at the 2009 Annual Town Meeting:  reduce town-wide greenhouse gas emissions 10% below 2007 levels by the year 2013.

After the town met the 2013 goal, Town Meeting adopted a new goal:  to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 25% below 2007 levels by the year 2020. 

The Committee works across town  with municipal departments, businesses, institutions, and civic and volunteer organizations to initiate and carry out actions to achieve emissions reductions and other sustainability initiatives. 


Name Term Expires Appointed By
Fred Bunger 2021 Board of Selectmen
Michael D'Ortenzio, Jr. 2019 School Committee
Katharine Gibson 2019 Municipal Light Board
Ellen Korpi, Vice Chair 2020 Board of Selectmen
Rob Lamppa 2021 Board of Selectmen
Laura Olton, Chair 2020 Board of Selectmen
Thomas Ulfelder 2019 Board of Selectmen

Membership Details

The Sustainable Energy Committee consists of 7 members. The Board of Selectmen, the Municipal Light Board and the School Committee each appoint one member. These members may be a board member, officer, official or paid employee and may be a non-resident of the Town. The Board of Selectmen also appoint the remaining four members from residents active in the Town's volunteer sustainable energy initiatives or others who bring relevant expertise, such as knowledge about sustainable energy practices, marketing, or community engagement.