Planning Board

Mission Statement: To assist in the creation and maintenance of a functional and attractive predominantly residential community through attention to municipal planning and project review.

The role of the Planning Board is to make short and long term decisions related to land use in the Town of Wellesley. The Planning Board seeks to realize the vision of Wellesley residents for their community through the judicious use of municipal planning and project review. As a result, the Planning Board is responsible for the maintenance and update of the Town's Zoning Bylaws and Zoning Map, divisions of land, and the review of large-scale projects with Town-wide impacts.


Name Title Term
Deborah Carpenter Chair 2014 to 2019
Catherine Johnson Vice Chair 2017 to 2022
Harriet Warshaw Secretary 2015 to 2020
Jim Roberti   2018 to 2023
Kathleen Woodward   2018 to 2021
Vacant  Associate Member 2017 to 2019