History of the Historic Home Plaques

Plaque 75 Abbott Road 1901

One of the most important ways in which the Historical Commission promotes awareness of the Town of Wellesley’s history is through its plaque program. The original Historical Commission plaque program was established in conjunction with the National Bicentennial and Town Centennial celebrations in 1976 and 1981, respectively. At the time, plaques were placed on almost all of the houses and buildings in Wellesley that were constructed before the Town’s incorporation in 1881.

New Plaque Initiative

In 2014, the Historical Commission extended the cutoff date for the plaques to 1914, thus permitting the placement of plaques on all houses and buildings in Wellesley constructed 100 or more years ago. This cutoff date will advance each year through 2019 (e.g. in 2015, the cutoff date is 1915).

Bill and Carol Mone of 75 Abbott Road recently shared their pride in affixing a new plaque to their beautiful home, one of the original Belvedere houses built in 1901. Their house was the first in Wellesley to receive a plaque under the new plaque program, and the Mones encourage all applicable residents to consider such a plaque.

How to Request a Plaque

If you believe your house or building qualifies for a plaque under the program, please email historic@wellesleyma.gov. The Historical Commission will then research the construction date of your home and contact you to confirm your eligibility.