Inspections and Permits Issued

Inspections and Permits

The Deputy Fire Chief coordinates all inspectional services related to fire prevention and inspection. The Fire Inspector works with Wellesley PBC, state and local building department inspectors, and the Fire Marshall's Office to coordinate project and inspectional reviews.

Inspections and Permits issued in accordance with Chapter 148 of the Massachusetts General Laws:
  • Smoke Detector Inspections/Permits                          670
  • Blasting Permits                                                                09
  • Fuel Oil Tank Removal Permits                                       75
  • Fuel Oil Tank Installation                                                 55
  • Welding Permits                                                                51
  • Misc. Permits                                                                     14
  • Liquid Propane Permits                                                   47
  • Fireworks Permit                                                                 1
  • Sprinkler Installation Permits                                          31
  • Chapter 304 Liquor Licesnce                                           24
  • Fire Alarm Installation Permit                                         68

Total Inspectional Permits/Projects                                1045

In-Service Inspections

Lieutenants and the Engine Company personnel are assigned to conduct basement to roof inspections to identify potential hazards and maintain familiarity with the layout of the structures in our community.  There are twelve inspectional routes and each Lieutenant is assigned a different route each period, taking 6 years for an officer to complete the entire commercial inspectional process.  The following inspections are conducted to meet the above inspectional objectives"

  • 1080 Commercial Property Inspections performed twice yearly
  • 56 Healthcare Facility Inspections performed quarterly
  • 60 School Inspections performed quarterly