Business & Commercial Renovations

Business and Commercial Renovations

  1. The repair, alteration, change of occupancy, addition or relocation of all existing buildings shall comply with one of the methods listed in Sections 101.5.1 though 101.5.3 of the International Existing Building Code as selected by the applicant.  Application of a method shall be the sole basis for assessing the compliance of work performed under a single permit unless otherwise approved by the code official.  Sections 101.5.1 though 101.5.3 shall not be applied in combination with each other.
  2. Construction documents and shop drawings for Fire Protection Systems will be required in accordance with 901.2.1 of the MA Amendments to the International Building Code 2009
  3. Plans must be marked with the correct locations of smoke, carbon monoxide, and heat detectors (where required).  This is the responsibility of the applicant.  Consult with your electrician or fire alarm company for correct locations.
  4. The addition, removal, or alterations of fire protection devices or sprinklers will require a permit to be obtained from the fire department and the building department prior to the start of work.
  5. A copy of all licenses and credentials must be submitted when applying for a permit.
  6. Work requiring the disabling of the fire alarm system must be cooridinated with the fire department in advance.  Building management must be notified when the system is disabled and when it is placed back online.
  7. No request for disabling the system will be honored prior to 7 am without apprioval of the Deputy Chief.
  8. All work must conform to:
    • 527CMR 1.00, Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Code (with MA amendments)
    • 780CMR, MAssachusetts State Building Code, Eigth Edition (with MA amendments)
    • International Existing Building Code (IEBC), 2009 Edition
    • Any other applicable sections of national, state, or local codes and standards
  9. The provisions of subsection 901.5.1 of the MA Amendments to the IBC 2009, Eighth Edition, and (780 CMR, MA State Building Code) must be strictly adhered to.
  10. The Wellesley Fire Department reserves the right to require additional devices as necessary to ensure complete coverage.
  11. Call The Wellesley Fire Department Fire Prevention Office at 781-235-1300 x-6229 to schedule Final Inspection. Fire Protection Affidavits must be on hand.