Parks and Open Space

Park Use Permit Application (PDF) - Looking to reserve a park for an event? Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible and email it back to

Land Use Policy (PDF) - Learn more about the guidelines for park and field use throughout Wellesley.

Sound System Policy for Hunnewell Track and Field - Policy for the use of amplification at Hunnewell Track and Field. 

Wellesley Parks, Reservations, and Open Space (PDF) - The Town of Wellesley has several parks, fields, and open spaces available for public enjoyment. Learn more about these areas here.

Dogs in Wellesley Parks and Conservation Lands - Dogs are welcome in all of Wellesley's parks, reservations, and conservation lands. Check out this page for more details on the Town of Wellesley's dog policies.

Perrin Park Dog Use Information (PDF) - Perrin Park is the only park in Wellesley with specific guidelines when it comes to dogs in the park. Please learn more about those rules here.

Open Space Maps and Resources - There are varying kinds of open spaces and natural resources located around Wellesley. Check out these maps for a more detailed view of what exists around town.

Memorial Grove - Learn more about this important piece of Wellesley history.