Fire Suppression/Sprinkler Permit

The Wellesley Fire Prevention Office requires that the following guideline be adhered to when submitting plans for review. 

Plans are required for any new or alterations to a fire suppression system or fire alarm system. Plans may also be required when an occupancy user group changes. 

1. All required sets requiring building department approval shall be dropped off with a narrative. The plans must contain or appear with the following: 

a. Device legend 

b. Labelled spaces with dimensions indicated 

c. Full floor plan dimensions 

d. If appropriate, marked egresses, outside strobe location, Knox Box location, and FACP and annunciator location 

e. Must be easy to read (approximately 12 point font size); if hand-written must be legible. 

Also required with the drawing. 

a. Narratives 

b. Cut sheets 

c. Hydraulic Calculations 

d. Any additional appropriate drawings 

2. Type I Fire Alarm Systems must have a Fire Protection or Electrical Engineers’ stamp. 

3. Type II Fire Alarm may be designed by a Licensed Electrician or Fire Alarm Technician familiar with Fire Alarm Systems 

4. Fire Sprinkler systems must have a Fire Protection or Mechanical Engineers’ stamp. 

a. The plans indicate the location of the nearest fire hydrant 

b. The FDC’s will use 2 ½” connections using National Standard (NH) thread 

5. Narratives must include: 

a. Use Group (to be determined by the Wellesley Building Department) 

b. Occupancy Load 

c. How it reports to Central Station or Wellesley Fire Department 

d. Description of the existing system 

e. Description of the planned system and it’s sequence of operation

 f. Codes or laws used in the design of the system (527 CMR 1, NFPA 13/13D/13R, NFPA 14, NFPA 25, NFPA 70, NFPA 72, NFPA 720, 780 CMR and/or MGL 148 (All Current Editions)) 

g. The building owner

h. The occupants name 

i. Firm conducting the work and contact information 

6. Buildings with complex Fire Alarm, any new or substantially altered sprinkler system or custom engineered hood suppression system may be required to have the plans reviewed by a Third Party Review firm of the AHJ’s choosing. The cost will be borne by the submitting firm (per 527 CMR 1.00, Section The cost determination is set by the reviewing firm. 

7. The independent reviewer shall provide an evaluation and, if appropriate, recommend necessary changes of the proposed design, operation, process, or new technology to the AHJ (Per 527 CMR 1 Section The AHJ shall be authorized to require design submittals to bear the stamp of a registered design professional (Per 527 CMR 1 Section The AHJ shall make the final determination as to whether the provisions of this Code have been met. 

8. Depending on the type of building and level of construction an evaluation for Public Safety radio signal strength may be required. If necessary a, Bi-Directional Antennae will be required. 

9. Plans shall be submitted and a permit issued prior to the commencement of any new work 

10. All Fire Alarm Systems (per NFPA 72 – Current Edition), Sprinkler Plans (per NFPA 13, 13D, & 13R – Current Edition) which are permitted by the Wellesley Building Department require a plans review fee ($50.00), permit fee ($50.00) and inspection fee ($50.00 or commercial based on the square footage (Per MGL 40, Section 22F). Occupancy inspections for properties that were reviewed by a third party review firm will also be inspected by that firm. Fees for this inspection will be borne by a firm associated with the required inspection.