Next Historical Commission Meeting

The next Historical Commission meeting at which applications under the Historic Preservation Demolition Review Bylaw (Town Bylaw, Article 46C) will be considered will be held on February 10. 2020 at 7:00pm in the Great Hall in Wellesley Town Hall (Public Hearing Notice). Recordings of previous meetings can be found here. Planning information on Demolition Review and Delay can be found here.

Public Hearings will be held at this meeting on the following applications seeking a Preservation Determination:

DR-2019-37 - 61 Woodcliff Road: Application - Staff Report
DR-2019-72 - 44 Sabrina Road: Application - Staff Report
DR-2020-01 - 35 Rice Street: Application - Staff Report
DR-2020-02 - 9 Durant Road: Application - Staff Report
Previously Considered Applications: