About WPD Emergency Alerts

The Wellesley Police Department has partnered with GovDelivery (www.govdelivery.com) to bring community notifications to an even higher level.  The system, which is free, allows citizens to sign up for notifications from the Wellesley Police Department.  Users then decide what type and how many notifications they will receive.  Users can also specify whether they receive the alerts via their text capable cell phone, email, or both.  

The service also allows users to chose whether they receive emails on an immediate basis, a daily digest, or as a weekly digest.

There are several categories available which are as follows:

Newsroom Alerts:

Traffic Updates: Any updates regarding traffic issues that are posted on the website, including construction, expected future road closures, and traffic delays.

WPD News and Announcements:  Any significant article that is posted on the website, including press releases, Wellesley Police news, and ongoing incidents that are community related.

Public Information Alerts:

Sex Offender Information:  Any updates that are posted on the website concerning updates on known sex offenders, or announcements regarding sex offenders living or working in Wellesley.  This category also has a mobile update option, with which the user can choose to also receive a text message to a cell phone.

Child Passenger Safety Seat Program:  Updates or changes to the Wellesley Police Department's child passenger safety seat program. 

Citywatch Phone Notification:  Any messages sent out by telephone using the Wellesley Police Department's Citywatch phone notification system.  The message will also be posted our website and users can receive an email message if they are not at home.  This category also allows users to receive a text alert.

Employment Opportunities:  Job openings at the Wellesley Police Department, including any test dates for the position of police officer or emergency communication center dispatcher.

Important (Emergency) Alerts:

Breaking Wellesley Police Department news including emergency alerts and important information that residents need to know.  All of these alerts are available to be sent to both an email inbox and a text alert to your cell phone.  The categories include the following:

Traffic Alerts:  Road closures, significant traffic accidents, traffic delays, and anything else having to do with traffic situations in Wellesley.

Crime Alerts:  Significant and serious crimes that occur in Wellesley.  This category can include anything from home break-ins to bank robberies.  A must have category if you want to know about serious crimes as they happen.

Emergency Alerts:   This category includes any serious emergencies that occur in Wellesley.

WPD Community Alerts:  Information that the Wellesley Police Department wants you to know in a timely fashion.

Weather Alerts:   When a significant weather warning or watch is issued by the National Weather Service for Wellesley, the Wellesley Police Department will rebroadcast it to ensure that you receive it.

Power/Utility Alerts:  When the power goes out, the Wellesley Police Department's emergency communication center is often flooded with calls from citizens wanting to know why the power is out, and of course, when the power is going to come back on.  These calls often take valuable time away from dispatchers who are often already dealing with emergency calls.  This category will keep citizens updated on estimated time of repair, and keep emergency lines free for calls. 

School Cancellation Alerts:  When the Wellesley Public Schools are canceled due to poor weather or unforeseen circumstances, find out directly with an alert from the Wellesley Police Department! 

This is a great way to stay informed about what is going on in the Wellesley community, whether you are at home or away.  The Wellesley Police Department is very committed to this service and strive to make accurate, fast notifications to citizens.

How do you sign up for this service?

First, go to the front page of www.WellesleyPolice.com.  There is a button below the main image called Emergency Alerts. Users can click on this link to be taken directly to the sign up page.  Please ensure that you sign up for email alerts, and then repeat the process for text alerts.  You will be brought to a subscription page, where you can choose what alerts and emails you wish to receive.  Categories with a small antenna indicate that a text alert is available.  Click HERE for a direct link to the sign up page. 

Note:  You have to repeat the process to add a cell phone number for text messages.

The Wellesley Police Department highly recommends choosing all the options initially, until you decide what level you would like to receive.  Better to have all the information initially, than to miss something happening in your neighborhood.  Changing your subscription preference is easy.  Each email you receive has a link included in the message bringing you directly to YOUR subscription page, allowing you to make any changes.

If you have trouble creating an account, and would like the Wellesley Police Department to create an account for you, please email Deputy Chief Scott Whittemore at swhittemore@wellesleyma.gov.  Deputy Chief Whittemore will request information from you and then sign you up.  Note:  this option might take some time, but allows less web-savvy citizens the same service.

The Wellesley Police Department remains committed to timely notification to citizens of events that happen in town.  By signing up for this service, you can keep abreast of incidents as they occur, even if you aren't in Wellesley.  Notifications come directly from the Wellesley Police Department, and it keeps citizens "in the loop."