City Watch Phone Notification

The CityWatch Telephone Notification System is a computerized program that is designed to deliver recorded telephone messages to a large group of people in as short an amount of time as possible. You may have heard of other systems with similar capabilities commonly referred to as “Reverse 911” systems. The concept of CityWatch is similar to those systems. One advantage of the CityWatch system is that on top of having a set of telephone numbers to draw from, the town is also laid out in the system geographically with phone numbers associated with as many residences and businesses in town as possible.

            The CityWatch system allows you to choose from two options when deciding what type of notification needs to be made. There can be a geographic notification in which a certain area of town is selected in the system and phone calls are made to only the residences and businesses in that specific area. The other option would be a notification made based on a database of phone numbers entered into the CityWatch computer.

            The CityWatch system has been used many times since it was purchased a few years ago. It has been used to notify the parents of Sprague School and Wellesley Middle School students that renovations had not yet been completed on their respective schools and that the beginning of the school year would be delayed for a certain amount of time. The Wellesley Health Department has successfully used the CityWatch system several times to run tests on their notification process in case there is a health emergency in the town. Just recently the Town Clerks office requested a notification be made to all residents of Precinct G to notify them that they would be voting at the Wellesley Free Library instead of the Hunnewell School.

            To make sure that your home phone number is included in the CityWatch database, please email Officer Chris Fritts or Officer Tim Gover.   Be sure to include your name, address and one or two phone numbers that can be associated with your address. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the system, please call Officer Christopher Fritts at 781-235-1212 ext. 7258 and leave a voice mail for him.