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Fuller Brook Park Project

Posted on: July 31, 2017

Fuller Brook Park Update, May 12, 2017

R. Bates & Sons, Inc. is back at Fuller Brook Park with the intention of finishing the park project this summer. Most of the hard construction has been completed and the major efforts will be to complete landscape planting and establishing a strong growth of grass. We continue to be challenged by people, dogs, and bikes that make shortcuts or use the edges off the side of the paths. PLEASE TRY TO STAY ON THE PATH. Once grass is established on the edges the town will have a better chance to keep the park looking great.

Arello Landscaping has been planting the remaining trees and shrubs on the project as well as planting replacements for the plants that have not survived. The major areas for planting this spring have been the restored staging area at Grove Street and the base of Tappan Street, shown in the photos below.


Tappan Street Planting


Planting & Grove Street Staging Area

Another major effort has been to restore the landscapes at the two late project construction staging areas, at Grove Street and Leighton Road. This work involved removing 4-6 inches of gravel and the underlying filter fabric that protected the existing loam on the site. Then the areas were scarified to a depth of about six inches, regraded, and approximately 6 inches of new loam was installed. After fine grading, the areas are ready for seeding, which should be completed next week.


Fine Grading Grove Street Staging Area


Spreading new loam at Grove Street Staging Area

To acknowledge the Town’s Community Preservation Fund role in supporting the planning, design, and construction of the Fuller Brook Project, two granite benches were installed; one at the west end of State Street Pond and the other at Grove Street. Plaques on the benches read:

was generously supported by
the citizens of Wellesley
through their


Plaque at Grove Street Bench


Plaque and Engraving at State Street Pond Bench

The contractor is now busy finishing up items including grass, curb and sidewalk at Brook Street, a small section of curb elsewhere, and a number of smaller items. This summer, while school is out, we will be completing work in the streets including paving at Cameron and Brook streets and a major drainage project on Cottage Street. More on these items later.

Your comments and questions regarding the Fuller Brook Park Preservation Project are always welcome. Please call the Department of Public Works Engineering Division at 781-235-7600 x 3315 or visit the Fuller Brook Park Preservation Project pagefor more information.

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