We have important update for all Wellesley Seniors who are 75 and older. The State has opened up scheduling starting today for vaccinations beginning next week. There is a high volume of registrants expected and an unknown number of current appointments available. While everyone will get an appointment to be vaccinated, please be patient as it may take a few times to get an appointment scheduled. We are working closely with the Health Department to stay apprised. The Health Department is working on setting up an in town clinic in the upcoming weeks and we will disseminate more info as it becomes available. We are bringing volunteers up to speed on how to assist with scheduling of appointments. It is our understanding that the process could easily take upwards of 20 minutes or more per person. To sign-up, you must have your date of birth, insurance information (if you have it), and answer some health questions and agree to an attestation. Our volunteers will make as many calls as they can today and be calling people back from their home phones identifying themselves as a Wellesley COA volunteer. If you would like to have a volunteer return your call and register you online or help you with questions, please call us at (781) 235-3961, we will ask you a few questions and take down your contact information. If you are a veteran, please contact Nancy, the Veteran Service Agent, for vaccinations through the VA at (781) 489-7509.

We hope to be putting out more information, including screen shots and instructions on how to register at home on your own later today.

Thank you for your patience and assistance.

Heather M. Munroe, Director of Senior Services
(781) 235-3961

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