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  1. Request For Enforcement

    Request that the Wellesley Building Department investigate a Town Bylaw, Zoning Bylaw, or State Building Code violation.

Climate Action

  1. Ideas for Wellesley Climate Action

    Do you have an idea for climate action? Submit your thoughts here about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building resilience to... More…

Health Department

  1. COVID-19 Questions

    Ask your questions about COVID-19. The Health Department's goal is to respond within 24 hours.

Municipal Light Plant

  1. Appliance Rebates June 1, 2022

    Rebates offered to WMLP residential customers for energy efficient appliances, wireless thermostats, dehumidifiers, refrigerators,... More…

  2. Life Sustaining Equipment

    If you rely on life-sustaining equipment please complete the following information.

  3. Voluntary Renewable Energy Enrollment
  1. Electrification Rebates June 1. 2022

    Rebates offered to WMLP residential customers for beneficial electrification for Integrated Controls, Bundled Air Sealing & Insulation... More…

  2. Request to Schedule a Final Meter Reading

    Please allow 2 business days notice for Final Meter Reading requests to be received and processed. Finals Meter Readings can be... More…

  3. WECARE 100% Enrollment

Report Concerns

  1. Accessibility Request

    If you have a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to fully participate in this event, please complete this form to... More…

  2. Report A Concern

    Fill out this online form to report potholes, streetlight outages, damaged parking meters, website problems, and other issues. PLEASE... More…

  1. COVID-19 Information Hub Feedback

    Provide feedback on the Town of Wellesley COVID-19 Information Hub.

Town Clerk

  1. Volunteer Form

    Interested in joining a Town Board or Committee? Fill out this form.


  1. Treasurer/Collector Inquiry

    Use this form for questions regarding tax bills and other collection services from the Town of Wellesley.