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Energy Product Rebates

  1. Limit 2 items per account per calendar year.
  2. Programmable Thermostats Rebate (up to $100)
    WMLP now offers rebates for programmable thermostats. One of the easiest ways for you to lower your energy costs is to program your thermostat around your schedule. UPC code required for rebate to be processed.
  3. Upload: 1) a copy or photo of the receipt which shows the purchase price and date, and 2) a copy or photo of the UPC bar code Rebate will not include tax paid and will not exceed the amount paid for the thermostat
  4. Heating/Cooling Rebates

    Mini-split heat pumps and central air conditioners are both eligible for rebates.  You can find details regarding the heat pumps under the Clean Comfort Program,

    Central Air Conditioners, with a SEER rating of greater than or equal to 16 (for single package equipment including gas/electric package units) are eligible for a $100 rebate. 


  5. Upload a copy or photo of the receipt showing the SEER rating and the date of installation.
  6. EnergyStar® Appliances
    The EnergyStar® qualified appliances eligible for rebate are:
  7. Upload a copy or photo of the Energy Guide (bright yellow included in your packaging) for each appliance. Energy Guide must include the EnergyStar® logo.
  8. Upload a copy of the receipt
  9. Remember to attach your receipt & Energy Guide, UPC, of proof of SEER.
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