Social Services

Health and Social Services Administrator

The Health and Social Services Administrator meets with seniors either in their homes or in the office to assess an elder's situation, explain community programs and benefits, assist with applications to needed programs, aid elders in their search for services, and act as an advocate and support for elders in need. The Health and Social Services Administrator also assists elders in crisis and is a mandated reporter for suspected elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.


The Health and Social Services Administrator is happy to include family members in meetings if the elder agrees. All Council on Aging staff are bound by strict confidentiality laws and are not allowed to release any information about an elder without the elder's permission.


The Health and Social Services Administrator receives referrals from many different sources including family members, police and fire, health professionals, community agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, and the elders themselves.

If you would like to make a referral to the Council on Aging Health and Social Services Administrator, call 781-235-3961. 

Elders have the right to refuse service.