About the Department

Wellesley Fire Rescue

The Wellesley Fire Rescue Department is a public safety organization is charged with the responsibility of protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Wellesley.  The Fire Rescue Department has a present complement of 59 full-time employees, allocated and performing in the following positions: Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Fire Prevention Deputy Fire Chief, 4 Shift Deputy Chiefs, Lieutenant of Fire Prevention, 12 Shift Lieutenants, 36 Firefighters, 1 Administrative Assistant, and 1 Mechanic.  Additionally, the Fire Rescue Department supervises the Cataldo Paramedics under contract with the Town of Wellesley.

Fire Patch
Station 2


The Department operates out of two stations, one at Central Street and Weston Road (Station #1) and one on Worcester Street in Wellesley Hills (Station 2/HQ) which houses our Fire Prevention Office.

station 1

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services under the direction of the Fire Chief are provided by Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians for the 26th year.  Cataldo Ambulance together with the fire departments's 50 Emergency Medical Technicians , operating from Fire Department Headquarters located on Route 9, provide advanced medical care and emergency transport.  Wellesley Police EMT's and First Responders carry first aid equipment and defibrillators to provide instant access to emergency care from wherever the police units are patrolling.  Wellesley Public Safety personnel are very proud of our professional relationships that provide seamless care to our residents and visitors.

All engines, ladders, and command vehicles are equipped with defibrillators, epi-pens, trauma, and specialized medical equipment.  Each member's emergency medical certifications are kept current as required by law.  As in the past, the Fire Department is looking forward to continued success in providing the highest quality medical services to our community.

Fire personnel provided CPR training to citizens in both the public and private sector to accomplish the spread of this life saving technology.  The Department is continuing to accomplish the spread of this life saving technology.  The Department is continuing to provide CPR/Defibrillator certification to other town employees and to the general public.  

The Fire Rescue Department under the direction of the Select Board to distribute defibrillators into many town operated buildings and vehicles.

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention activities are conducted by a Deputy Chief and Lieutenant on weekdays.  The Fire Prevention office is open Monday to through Friday from 7am to 5pm.  Among the many duties performed by this office are inspections of all schools and business, issuing permits for blasting, permits for petroleum and other hazardous material storage, investigations of fires and developing student safety programs.

In addition to the usual fires, automobile accidents and medical calls, typical services offered by the department are water problems, lockouts, downed wires, emergency lighting during severe weather, and drowning accidents.

The Department takes great pride in acting as problem solvers for the diverse requests for assistance.