Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)


Name Title Term
J. Randolph Becker Chairman 2024
Robert W. Levy Vice Chairman 2026
David G. Sheffield Regular Member 2024
Walter B. Adams Associate Member 2025
Derek B. Redgate Associate Member 2025
Peter Covo Associate Member 2026


The Zoning Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial board which interprets and enforces the Town's Zoning Bylaw. On a case by case basis the Board of Appeals has the power to hear and decide on petitions for:
  • Appeals from the decisions of the Inspector of Buildings
  • Comprehensive Permits under Chapter 40B of the General Laws of the Commonwealth
  • Site Plan Approval under Section XVV of the Zoning Bylaw
  • Special Permits as allowed under the Zoning Bylaw
  • Variances from the requirements of the Zoning Bylaw


The Zoning Board of Appeals is comprised of three regular members and three associate members, all appointed for three year terms by the Board of Selectmen. The members are assisted in their work by the Executive Secretary.


The Board of Appeals holds public hearings on cases before it. Hearings are generally held on two Thursday evenings each month. Notice of these hearings must be published 14 days before the hearing, and property owners who live within 300 feet must also be notified at the same time. The entire application, hearing and approval process takes a minimum of two months from the time of application to a signed decision. After a decision is written, signed and filed with the Town Clerk, there is a 20 day appeals period.