Hawker and Peddler (Door to Door Sales) License Info

Are door-to-door sales regulated in Wellesley?


Yes, door to door sales for profit are strictly regulated by the Town of Wellesley. Non profit sales are not regulated.


Do I need a license or permit?


Yes, a person may obtain a state hawker peddler license from the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation or a hawker peddler license from the Town of Wellesley.


How do I obtain a license from the Town of Wellesley?


Applicants fill out an application obtained from the police department. If the applicant is a not a fugitive or a convicted felon they can be licensed.


What is the fee for a license?




How long is the license good for?


Two years.


Are there restrictions on where or when someone can sell?


Yes, sales are not permitted prior to 8 am or after 5 pm. Sales are also prohibited on Sundays and legal holidays. No sales may be conducted on property marked “No Soliciting.” or otherwise posted in a similar manner.


Are there other requirements?


Yes, licensees must display their license on their outer garment while they are selling and they must show it to a police officer upon demand.


What happens if I violate any the restrictions?


Violators may be arrested, fined up to $300, and they may have their licenses suspended or revoked.

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