Fuller Brook Park Stewardship

Here's a message from the Friends of Fuller Brook park about upcoming stewardship events:

Dear Friends,

Our next cleanup for Fuller Brook Park is scheduled for the Wonderful Wellesley Weekend of May 19-20. We will be concentrating on picking up litter and removing downed branches.

We are going to organize the cleanup by the following sections. Each section will have a “Captain” to help organize and recruit volunteers for his or section. The sections and section Captains thus far are:

Section 1 – Maugus Ave. to Seaward Road

Section 2 – Seaward to Caroline Street

Section 3 – Caroline to Forest Street (Captain: Gig Babson; k.babson@comcast.net )

Section 4 – Forest to Paine Street (Captains: Kurt Somerville & Kendra Chencus; ksomerville@hembar.com )

Section 5 – Paine to State Street (Captain: Allison Burson; aburson@gmail.com )

Section 6 – State to Wellesley Ave. (Captains: Sally & Rick Watts; wattsal@gmail.com )

Section 7 – Wellesley Ave to Brook Street (Captain: Tracey Turco; tracey.l.turco@gmail.com )

Section 8 – Brook to Grove Street

Section 9 – Grove to Cottage Street (Captain: Diane Campbell; diane.campbell731@gmail.com )

Section 10 – Cottage to Dover Road (Captain: Jay Prosnitz; jayprosnitz@me.com )

We still need a few Captains! If you would like to volunteer to be the Captain of a section, please let me know. (If you want to be the Captain of two adjacent sections, that’s terrific!) If you can’t be a Captain but would like to volunteer to help for the cleanup, please contact the designated Captain of the section that you would like to volunteer for. If there is no Captain designated yet for that section, please contact me.

The time for the cleanup is set for Sunday, May 20, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon. However, if a particular Section Captain can’t do that time, or most of his/her volunteers can’t do that time, the Captain may set a different time for his/her section. Each section will have its own designated meeting place, to be set by its Captain. More information in this regard will be forthcoming. If you can’t make the date/time for a particular section’s cleanup, you can volunteer for a different section.

Please forward this email to your friends and neighbors – the more hands the more fun! Any questions, let us know!


Kurt Somerville & Kendra Chencus