Water Customer Portal


The NEW Water Customer Portal is now available!

Track Your Water Use, Lower Your Water Bill, and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

Simply visit https://acewebsite.silverblaze.com/TownOfWellesley and activate your account in the Water Customer Portal. Use the Portal to access your historical water use data, current water usage details, and information to help you identify leaks in the home.  Efficient water use is good for your wallet and good for Wellesley’s natural resources. Here's how to get started: 

Water Customer Portal Quick Start Guide

The  Water Customer Portal makes it easy to be a smart water user by allowing you to:

  • Compare your hourly, daily, and monthly historical use.
  • Identify ways to reduce your use and save on your bill.
  • Sign up to receive notifications of high water use and potential leaks.
  • Create a profile for your home or small business that can help you understand your energy and water usage and provide better recommendations for reducing your usage and saving money.  

Be Part of Wellesley’s Climate Action

The new Water Customer Portal also helps support Action NR2 in Wellesley’s new Climate Action Plan: “advance the smart and efficient use of water by all community members.” Pumping, heating, and treating water consumes energy. So conserving water reduces our carbon footprint. Water conservation also helps maintain vital water in ecosystems. The Climate Action Plan, completed in February 2022, provides a roadmap for achieving town-wide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, including the goal of net zero emissions by 2050. These goals, adopted by Town Meeting in April 2021, align with the State of Massachusetts and federal government carbon neutrality goals.

The DPW encourages you to activate your account, dive deeper into your water data, and gain insights into your water use, identify opportunities for water conservation, and help protect the environment.  If you have any questions, call Customer Service at 781-235-7600.