Medical Reserve Corps

The Wellesley Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a group of concerned residents with medical and non-medical skills who assist the town's health department and other responders in a local public health emergency, as well as at scheduled events.

Wellesley MRC is also part of a regional coalition of health departments in eight communities: Norfolk County - 8 (NC-8), website:  NC-8 supports each other and cross trains its MRC volunteers should the need arise to have a larger response to an event.  NC-8 also offers trainings and exercises to its MRC volunteers. 
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In order to be able to on-board you as a volunteer, we ask that you join the Wellesley Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), part of the Norfolk County 8 (NC-8) Regional MRC. Like any formal volunteer organization, volunteers are required to complete an application/profile and background check. This process is conducted via a statewide system called MA Responds  (part of the MA Department of Public Health).  When you sign up on MA Responds, you will be provided with official information about local, regional and statewide public health events. After registering and building your individual profile, you will be given the option to respond to Wellesley specific requests, and/or regional or state-wide events.

MRC members may attend trainings and occasionally engage in drills to reinforce the training they have received.  If you are interested in learning more, please email our Community Health Coordinator, Jhana Wallace, at Additionally, you can contact the NC-8 Regional Coordinator Karen Contador: 

As a MRC member, you will be one of the most appreciated people in town.


MRC trainings have included:

  • Avian/H1N1 Pandemic Flu
  • Mass Dispensing Site Operations
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Mass Dispensing Sites and the Incident Command System
  • Behavioral Health Issues
  • Home Emergency Preparedness
  • First Aid
  • Working With Animals in Emergencies
  • Working With Children in Emergencies
  • Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)
  • Regional trainings and drills
  • COVID-19 information